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Colloid Cysts

History of the Procedure

In 1858, Wallmann first reported on colloid cysts. In 1921, Dandy accomplished the first successful resection of a colloid cyst through a transcortical transventricular approach. Since then, different operative approaches such as transcortical-transventricular and transcallosal were developed.
Less invasive techniques were then developed as an alternative to reduce the complications of the open approach. Freehand aspiration of a colloid cyst was performed first by Gutierrez-Lara et al in 1975.
The first stereotactic aspiration of a colloid cyst was performed in 1978 by Bosch et al.
Endoscopic aspiration of a colloid cyst was reported by Powell et al in 1983
and has progressively gained consensus as a safe alternative treatment.

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