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Serum Tryptase

Reference Range

The reference range is < 11.4 ng/mL.

There is only one commercially available method for measuring human serum tryptase levels (ImmunoCap Tryptase, Phadia Laboratory Systems, Uppsala, Sweden). According to a study cited by the manufacturers, the 95th percentile value for serum tryptase measured in 126 healthy individuals aged 12-61 years, was 11.4 ng/mL. The geometric mean is 3.8 ng/mL and the lower limit of detection is 1 ng/mL.

The reference values for children aged 6 months to 18 years appear to be similar to adult values with a median range of 3.5 ng/mL as determined by a study on 197 children.
Infants younger than 6 months, however, have a higher median value of 6.1 ng/mL.

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