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Carbamazepine Level

Reference Range

Carbamazepine (Tegretol) is an iminostilbene that has been used as a first-line medication for both generalized and partial complex seizure disorders.

The therapeutic reference range of carbamazepine is 4-12 mg/L.

The minimum toxic level is 10 mg/kg.

The toxic concentration/critical laboratory value is greater than 30-40 mg/L.

The Terminal elimination half-life of carbamazepine is 18-55 hours for initial/short-term use and 5-26 hours for long-term use (3-5 weeks of continuous drug therapy). The terminal elimination half-life of 10,11-epoxide (carbamazepine metabolite) is 5-10 hours.

The volume of distribution is 1.4 L/kg (up to 3 L/kg in cases of overdose).

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