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Amikacin Level

Reference Range

Peak serum levels correspond to efficacy of the drug. Trough serum levels correspond to toxicity.

Therapeutic levels

Amikacin, like other aminoglycosides, can be given in multiple daily doses (conventional) or once-daily dose (pulse).

Opinions on normal therapeutic levels vary among different authors and are summarized below.

Table 1. Normal Therapeutic levels (Open Table in a new window)


Peak Serum Levels/Efficacy

Trough Serum Levels/Toxicity

Multiple daily dose regimen

Nonbacteremic gram-negative infection (UTI, synergism with beta-lactams)

15-30 mcg/mL

1-4 mcg/mL

Serious gram-negative infection (bacteremia, pneumonia, sepsis)

25-40 mcg/mL

4-8 mcg/mL

Once daily dosing

Critically ill patients with gram-negative infection

55-64 mcg/mL

< 1 mcg/mL

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