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Tricuspid Regurgitation


Tricuspid regurgitation may result from structural alterations of any or all of the components of the tricuspid valve apparatus (see Anatomy). The lesion may be classified as primary when it is caused by an intrinsic abnormality of the valve apparatus or as secondary when it is caused by right ventricular (RV) dilatation or other conditions (eg, left ventricular [LV] dysfunction).

Common presenting complaints in patients with RV dysfunction include the following (see Presentation):

Dyspnea on exertion


Paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea


Peripheral edema

Color flow Doppler echocardiography is a mainstay for evaluating tricuspid regurgitation (see Workup). Depending on the etiology and severity of tricuspid regurgitation, treatment may involve medication or surgical repair or replacement of the valve. (See Treatment and Medication.)

See also Tricuspid Atresia and Tricuspid Stenosis.

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