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Band Keratopathy


Band keratopathy is characterized by the appearance of an opaque white band of variable density across the central cornea, formed by the precipitation of calcium salts on the corneal surface (directly under the epithelium).
This form of corneal degeneration can result from a variety of causes, either systemic or local, with visual acuity decreasing in proportion to the intensity of the deposition (see the image below). (See Etiology.)

Band keratopathy. Note the bandlike whitish-grey l

Band keratopathy. Note the bandlike whitish-grey lesion across the central corneal surface, most prominent on the exposure surfaces, sparing the superior and inferior cornea, and gaps representing corneal nerves passing through the Bowman membrane.

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Superficial debridement generally restores vision and comfort for most patients with band keratopathy, although failure to manage the source of the condition often leads to recurrence. (See Prognosis, Treatment, and Medication.)

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