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Jessner Lymphocytic Infiltration of the Skin


Jessner lymphocytic infiltrate of the skin (LIS) is a benign yet chronic, T-cell infiltrative disease, first described in 1953 by Jessner and Kanof.
The condition has remained poorly understood, and indeed, the very existence of such a condition has been questioned. One argument is that patients with this condition are simply displaying the early manifestations of some other disorder. Some authors consider this entity to be a variant of lupus erythematosus,
and some consider this to be a CD8+ polyclonal reactive pseudolymphoma.

It usually presents with recurrent, asymptomatic, erythematous and annular papules and plaques with a predilection for sun-exposed sites (see Physical Examination). The clinical course varies with remissions and exacerbations. The lesions may persist indefinitely, and some may disappear spontaneously without sequelae.

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