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Warty Dyskeratoma


Warty dyskeratoma (WD) is a benign epidermal proliferation first reported in 1957 because of its distinctive histologic findings.
WD presents as an umbilicated papule with a keratotic plug, usually limited to the head, neck, or face. Lesions are generally solitary and sporadic and may be associated with a follicular unit. Oral involvement,
particularly the hard palate, eyelid,
 and genital involvement have been reported.
Multiple lesions may occur in the same patient.

Although originally referred to as isolated keratosis follicularis, no data support that patients with a WD bear germline mutations in ATP2A2, the gene responsible for Darier disease. Patients with Darier disease have been reported with WDs occurring spontaneously or during treatment with systemic retinoids.

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